Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cast Away

My final sculpted feet placed on a piece of wood ready for casting, I added plastic walls as seen in the photo below.

When casting the feet I had to be careful that no bubbles got caught in the fine details of the shoes as I pored the plaster over them, therefore I used a fine paintbrush to paint the plaster on before engulfing the shoe. 
The final mould

I encountered another problem with the amount of plaster I made ( I didn't make enough) so I had to top up my mould once it had slightly set. Luckily the cast came out fine, but I used this as a learning curve to judge how much plaster I would need for further moulds. 

I sculpted the hands and arms together. Although I did make it possible for the hands to be removed when speaking to my lecturer, he suggested casting them together to save time on casts and also avoid having a slit on the wrist of my model.

Laying up my hands/arms I used a soft lump of plasticine to bury half my sculpts up to a split line, I left the backs of where I placed them hollow to help me remove the plasticine when casting the other side of my two part mould.

I then covered the sides in plastic boards and applied vaseline to the plasticine so the plaster wouldn't become stuck after it had set.

Yet another problem with my moulds when casting the first side of the hand/arm mould I rook apart the plaster from the plasticine, and the arms remained in the plasticine. I then had to carefully remove the arms and place them in the first side side of the cast being careful not to damage my sculpt. I think this happened due to me burying to much of the arms, or applying the plasticine to firmly around my sculpt.

The above images show my first side of the cast in more detail, and my hands after hours of carefully placing them in to the cast. The joooooy.

I then applied vaseline and pored the plaster to make the other side of my cast, and hey presto my two part cast was done as shown below.

Monday, 3 December 2012

A Long Time Coming (Thats What She Said)

So I haven't updated my blog in a while and I've come along on this project quite a bit, so over the next few days there will be a bombardment of pictures. just want to bring everyone up to date as to where I am. 

So the above images as the annotations state show my armature at its early stages.

Hands and Arms

 Next are the hands in a bit more depth, once again the images contain annotations. At this stage the hands where made detachable but due my character having a short sleeved top I had to cast the hands and arm together meaning that this step could have been removed in my armature plan.

Feet and Legs



Assembling the Final Product