Tuesday, 12 February 2013



The padding for the crotch was made from a hard but light material used to insulate fireplaces. This material is very easy to cut and sand down, allowing you to create you desired shape to pad out a model. I created the crotch in two parts and then stuck them together with my armature in between using Uhu.

 I left a gap in the back of the crotch's padding as this is where a rigging point was found (shown on the left) I also had to do the same for a rigging point found on the side. (shown below) Although both of these rigging points were not used in creating my final animation I believe you can never be to safe, plan for the worst so you are prepared.

Final padded crotch below.  


The padding for the chest was made from the same material as the crotch and also in two parts which where then sealed together around my armature using Uhu.

My armature laying in the back sections of my padding.

The middle of my armature, what would be the belly, was padded out with blue foam. Common in househole sofas and available at most home furniture shops, this foam is softer and allows for more squash.


The legs where padded out using a foam I had laying around at home. The foam was most likely from a box that a present came in, it was already in straight segments it was just a case of making the foam more of a cylinder shape as appose to a rectangular prism. Most foams found in packaging always come in handy some keep hold of them! 


  1. When you get round to it.. you should put up pictures of your sculpts for the characters in your film :) they looked so nice :)

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