Tuesday, 12 February 2013



 I made the trousers from a material I got from a fabric shop. I wrapped my model's legs in cling film then masking tape (shown on the right). I then cut the Cling film/masking tape into shapes and I had the layout for my trousers I just had to cut these shapes out of my material and sew them together.
I made small buttons out of Black Sculpey. Rolling the Sculpey into tiny balls then flattening them with a flat sculpting tool, I then punched little holes into them with a needle.
The belt buckle! This was a lucky find which I had laying around in a box of old nitbits and instantly knew that my art teacher would have to wear it in some form or another. I painted over the gold with acrylic paint to try and give it a brassy effect and keep the colour within the spectrum of my piece. It was to gold and shinny for my liking originally.

 The belt was made form a piece of soft leather which was cut twice the width I wanted then folded and glue back on itself.  This gives it a lovely curved edge all round and slightly raises it of the trousers just that little bit.
All excess material was folded over and glued to the padding to help keep the trousers in place when animating.


 Masking tape and cling film were also used in helping me create my shirt, as shown on the image above. The material for my shirt is from a handkerchief I found in a charity shop and instantly wanted my character to be wearing it! Always keep an eye out for things like this you never know when they might come in use.  


 The buttons on the shirt were made in exactly the same process to those on the trousers, only with white Sculpey instead of black.

 The collar was made separate to the shirt and fits tightly around my characters head, I found the collar very hard to create as my character has no neck it is just instant head from the shoulders. Making the collar separate from the shirt meant it moved a lot while I was animating so I decided to eventually glue it to the head.

The pocket on the shirt is a piece of fabric which had been cut out and glued on (Above). The shirt also had to make room for the rig in my characters back so a tiny slit was made to allow it to poke out.

Once again all excess material was folded over and glued to the padding to help keep the shirt in place when animating.

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