Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Any Sound Guys Out There!?

Sound Pitch

Any sound people out there! I'm looking for someone to create some original music for my 2nd year Major Project Film - Fayre Fortune. The above video is a pitch for the type of music I'm looking for, if you like what you see and would like to get involved feel free to contact me on the details listed in the video. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Look Left, Look Right, Turnaround


Here are my final character turnarounds and character outlines for both Diana and Gotzone, I decided early on that I would use different colour pallets for each world. Post War London having an autumn pallet of browns reds and yellows and the Fair having a pallet of royal reds, purples, golds and greens.


Diana Guyver


Both figures were sculpted out of Sculpey and supported with strips of copper wire acting as a fixed armature. I find sculpting a character really finalises the overal look, and aids me in creating my final turnarounds.

One Free Ride

I started my Major Project last month and just last week handed in a Pre Production Folder I won't give much away about plot but I can tell you its going to be called "Fayre Fortune" Below are a few of my initial Character Ideas the girl is called "Diana Guyver" and the Fortune Teller "Gotzone". I'll post Character outlines with their Final Turnarounds.

Diana Guyver


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

And Totally Redeem Yourself!

This is my final Animation for my Second Year Minor Project at Glamorgan University at the ATRiuM.

I Doubt He Reads That Much


If you look closely at all those books you might just see your name... No? Guess you're just not a stopmoer then (Mr Cox being the exception) I wrote all my class mates names on the books just for a laugh and tried to come up with my own A113. The books where made from small segments of balsa wood covered in loose canvas and painted with acrylic paint. The cupboards were also made from balsa wood and the handles from black sculpey.

I also slipped in a little teaser for my short film coming to town 2013.

Everything on the shelves was made from Fimo Air Dry. I really disliked this material as it shared no similarities in texture or through how you could manipulate it to anything I've worked with before, be it clay plasticine Sculpey. Its an odd material you'll have to have a play with it yourself to understand what I mean,  I only used it as it was free from a tutor and doubt I'll be using it in the future. everything on the shelves are items this teacher has picked up on their travels, its loosely based on my old art room from Secondary School and the teacher is an eerie echo of my old art teacher (Although she was a woman).  The shelves where made from balsa wood and painted in acrylic paint.

The door handle and window were made from Sculpey and painted with acrylic paint. The door itself was a piece of wood covered in a sticker material with a wood effect pattern on it. The skirting boards and door frame are made from balsa wood painted with acrylic paint. 

Finally there was a slot cut into the back of my set to allow a rig to go into the back of my model without being in shot. This would allow me to make my character jump and not have all the nasty work of having to remove a rig frame by frame when editing my film together.

This is my favourite still from my Final Film, I just love how the arms and hands are positioned. It also shows off how well I hid that rig! 

One Born Every Minute

Final Model

And Hey Presto! He's alive.

Little Girl

The little girl was sculpted completely out of Sculpey and painted with acrylic paints. I made her in four sections, her head, her left arm, her right arm and her chest and legs. Her chest and legs where made into a solid lump and a coin was glued to the bottom to allow me use a magnet to secure her in one place while filming.

Close ups