Thursday, 24 April 2014

Interior Set Part 4

Final props added to my interior set included a chair with cushions, a coffee table, a lamp, a bottle of whisky, a book and a mug.

The chair was made using EPE foam and soft foam, the EPE foam was used to give bulk and structure to the chair, while the soft foam was used on the seating and backrest sections. I covered the sections in material using UHU, then glued them all together also using UHU. I wish I took more photo's! 

The coffee table was made from balsa wood and painted using acrylic paints. The book is named after my mate Joe Holts band.

The mug and bottle of whisky named Jack Downings after my other mate were sculpted in sculpey, the whisky label was made in illustrator and textured in photoshop.

The lamp was made from balsa painted in acrylic, and the lamp shade was made from wall paper.

The final interior set:

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