Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What's a Man Without His Head?


So I begun creating my head by first sculpting it out of Sculpey, gotta love that Sculpey. The image above shows the next process I did which was to spray my character blue with aerosol spray paint. Why blue I hear you ask? Why not! If you can then you should, don't do in animation what you can do in live action I say.

The final head from all angles is shown above the dirt marks are from wear and tear as these photos were taken after my final animation was completed.

Mouth Shapes

The mouth shapes above are my initial mouths however after doing a lip sync test and speaking to my tutors we both agreed that they were to square and there wasn't enough variation in size. So I went away and created the mouth shapes you see below which are softer and have more variety.

As Sloth would say "HEEEEEY YOU GUUUUUYS!!!" 

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