Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Silicon Hands

The hands were made from a clear silicon, colour was added through the use of oil paints. A layer of silicon was first painted into the mould, so that any air bubbles that might have occur would not be seen on the surface. The Miro's hands are used as an example to show this:

Thread was then wrapped around the fingers of my hand armatures and kept in place with the tiniest blob of super glue. Once again The Miro's hands are used as an example of how this was done:

The hand armatures were then placed into the mould and positioned into the right place. The other side of the mould was placed on top before any other silicon was added, to make sure that the armature would fit.

Silicon was then added to both sides of the mould and both sides were sandwiched together.

Once the silicon had dried the mould was taken apart and the hands were revealed.

Unfortunately Theodor's hands mould snapped into three parts. Luckily I managed to make three pairs of hands before this happened!

Theodor's Hands:

The Miro's Hands:

Photos of the hands with extra silicon removed and seem lines tidied will be blogged with the final shoes in a later post.

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