Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Miro's Leg's and Arm

I sculpted the legs and arms out of super sculpey, the image below shows the arm sculpt (forgot to take a picture of the leg sculpt!). One arm and one leg was cast and both arms and legs were then taken from the one mould.

 To make the plaster mould A foam board box was built up around the sculpts.

I didn't mix enough plaster for the leg mould so I had to score the top with a craft knife and add more plaster once the first batch of plaster had slightly hardened.

The sculpt was then removed from the mould, and the mould was cleaned. A layer of silicone was  painted into the mould and the armature was secured in place using the K&S slot. Masking tape was used on the leg mould to help keep it centred. While a piece of plasticine was placed underneath the mould to stop the armature from moving too far down.

Once the layer of silicon that had been painted in had dried, silicon was poured into the mould filling it to the brim. due to the cone like shape of the legs and arms with a little force they popped out.

The legs fresh from the mould:

The arms fresh from the mould:

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