Monday, 17 February 2014

Armature Photos

A little later than planned, but as promised here are the photo's of my complete armatures for both Theodor and The Miro. The two photos below illustrate the armatures before any modifications. As mentioned on my previous post they were bought from Malvern Armatures, I would highly recommend the armatures. Could I say armature anymore! 

The photo below shows both of the armatures stood side by side, Theodor is on the left and The Miro is on the right

Modifications were then made to the armatures. For Theodor I added four rigging points two on his chest and two on his crotch. I also attached K&S to the neck and forearms so I could secure replaceable hands, and connect the head. The K&S attached to his shins was used when making the boots, something I will talk about in a later post.

A close up view of how the rigging points sit on the chest and crotch, The first photo shows the front view while the second shows the side view. All pieces of K&S were attached using epoxy glue.

There were a lot more modifications to be done to The Miro armature. A single piece of thick K&S was fixed so replaceable wire arms could be attached. The wire arms were made from two strands of Aluminium wire twisted together with one strand of Copper wire, The K&S Segments were then glued in place with epoxy. Two rigging points were also fixed in place on the chest, which was then surrounded in Milliput to strengthen the area. while a single piece of K&S was glued to the neck so I could attach the head.

The photo above was taken after I had incased the feet in silicon, hence the lack of feet. The two photos below show the chest section before Milliput was added. 

The various pieces of the arms before they were all put together.

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