Thursday, 13 March 2014

Theodor's Head Part 1

Hey everyone! I finished the puppet of Theodor today! only have The Miro's body to finish sculpting, so as you can probably guess I've got loads to post about. So lets crack on! The core of Theodor's head was sculpted from balsa wood, with individual pieces being glue together with epoxy glue. I had a K&S slot inside the head so it could be attached and detached form the body, and also a piece of K&S at the front so I could attach the eye sockets.


The eye sockets were sculpted in Super Sculpey and a piece of K&S of the same size as the one found on the front of the face was run down the back of the sculpt. A plaster mould was then cast and a silicon duplicate was made.


Once I had the eye sockets the front of the face was added in balsa wood. Ears made from balsa wood were also attached using wire and epoxy glue to keep them in place.

Theodor's head before any sculpting had been done on top.

I Sculpted the back of Theodor's head using Super Sculpey Firm, I sculpted up until the side burns at first, as this is where I decided to put the split line. This was so the the face could be detached.


I then, applied a thin layer of Vaseline on to where the face would sit and worked Milliput on top.

Theodor's face was sculpted on top of the Milliput using super Sculpey Firm. When baking the sculpt I was constantly removing it from the oven and returning it to the head to make sure that it was a tight fit.

This was Theodor's final head before it was painted:

The hat will hide the split line on the top of Theodor's head.

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