Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Miro's Head Part 1

Hey guys, firstly it's my little sisters birthday today, so I would just like to wish Rosie a happy birthday. PARDY HARD! Now onto The Miro's head, which unlike Theodor's was a lot less complicated. I started off by bulking out the core with balsa wood. Starting off with two sections (illustrated below) which were them glue together with a piece of K&S down the middle.

Once I had this middle section, I built up the remainder of the head with balsa wood.

I then sanded down the head, I wish I took more photo's as I sanded down the head a lot more than the photo below suggests. But hey you know how it is when your in the zone.


I then sculpted on top of this balsa wood core, using Super Sculpey Firm. I used pins and small sculpey circles to make his little antenna on the side of his head. The antenna were glue in place using super glue.

Click back soon to see the finished head, and also his (could be a her...) little alien body.

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