Friday, 11 April 2014

Theodor's Head Part 2

Theodor's head was painted using acrylic paints. The first set of photos show the back section to his head once painted.

The images below illustrate the front section once painted.

Below are photos of Theodor's head sculpt all together and painted.

The hat (that I'm certain my little sister gave me from a bag of doll clothes) was painted using washed down acrylic paint. A piece of cloth was sewn around the top. Once in place the hat helped keep the two sides of the head together at the top.

As is clear from these photos the eyes I had used were way to translucent, which gave Theodor a dead lifeless look. I therefor made a mould of the eyes in mould making silicon, and cast them in fast cast polyurethane resin.

A plaster mould was made for the moustache and eyebrows, a silicon cast was then made from this mould. The moustache and eyebrow's were then painted with grey silicon to match the hair. The moustache helped keep the two sides of the face together at the bottom.

Finally here is Theodor in all his glory! As you can see my interior set is done (I'll post about that within the week) and I've been filming for just under a week now. Hope you like him as much as I do!

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