Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Miro's Limbs

Attaching the boots to The Miro's legs was quite a fiddly task, but we stopmo'ers love fiddly things. I had to make a small cut up the leg through the silicon, so I could remove the threaded rod which had K&S attached for moulding purposes. I then had to roll down the boots to expose the joint ball and carefully slot this into the link plates in the leg, tightening with an allen key.

The small cuts through the leg were then painted over with silicon in the same colour. I made sure to leave small markings on the legs so I could tighten the joints at a latter date if necessary.  

Attaching the hands to the arms was SOOO much easier. I first rolled back the silicon around the wrist and then slotted the larger K&S in the hand over the smaller K&S in the arm.

 I then made a small indent with a hammer and nail, into both pieces of K&S while they were inserted together.

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