Monday, 21 April 2014

Interior Set Part 1

Happy easter everyone! Now lets take a look at how I built my set. Before I started to physically build anything I made a mock up of the interior of my set on Google SketchUp. This helped with getting exact measurements for the floor layout, walls, the window, the door, and most importantly the stairs.

Now lets get away from that computer!

The base of my set was taken from the set I used last year, I simply removed the top and placed a new piece of  MDF in its place. To give the effect of wooden floorboards I had to use A LOT of balsa wood. I drew a layout onto the MDF to give me a guide as to where the floor boards would go. I then cut up strips of balsa wood, of equal measurement and glued them onto the MDF board using UHU.

I built up layers of watered down acrylic paint to get the desired colour I wanted for the floor boards. 


Due to the way I positioned my shots in my animatic I only had to build and decorate two walls for the interior of the house. However one of these walls did have a flight of stairs.

Timber and 1.5 inch philips screws were used to to build the structure of the walls. As is evident from the photos. Timber was also used to give structure to the window frame, door frame and the steps to the stairs.

Thick cardboard was then placed on to the timber frames, securing it in place with UHU.

The steps to the stairs were then build up using balsa wood, using my mock up in SketchUp to obtain the perfect measurements. I will post photos of the final set in the coming week, hope you like the new blog design.

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