Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Interior Set Part 2

The oven started off as a balsa wood frame, which I then sculpted sculpey on top of. The back of the oven is completely hallow. 

I then painted the oven with acrylic paints.

I added a little tea towel and then glued down the oven in between the two cupboards using UHU.

I made some small props from sculpey to go on top of the oven, I also made a tap for the sink. These were painted using acrylic paints.

The cupboards were made form balsa wood and painted using acrylic paints.

The sink similar to the oven is supported by a balsa wood frame, and sculpted in sculpey. Painted using acrylic paints.

The pots pans etc were glued in place using UHU.

The door was also made from balsa wood, because it had to open I went and bought myself some small hinges.

I painted the door using acrylic paints and made two small handle from sculpey.

The shutters to the window were made in the same way.

The final front side of the house:

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